In this modern day and age, we have a basic expectation of our floors to be smooth, safe and good looking. With Ekowood engineered solid wood floors, these expectations are easily met and surpassed with our factory pre-finished floors. Having the floors finished before installation allows for more professional and precise work done, saving time and effort, in addition to bringing a phenomenal level of comfort and beauty into your space.

Not satisfied with one or even three layers of finishing, Ekowood floors have 6 layers of lacquer cured by UV light; which is only possible with machine application, thus making it more durable and highly scratch & stain resistant. This means that minor spills and dribbles will not worry you anymore!

In addition to having quality and durable finishes, Ekowood floors can also be sanded up to 3 times if necessary, whereas solid wood floors cannot be re-sanded once you get down to the ‘tongue’ portion of the board. Ekowood floors enable you to sand up to three times before the limit is reached. This will present you with the option for refinishing if you are in the habit of having minor tussles with your floors!